Transformer-less (magnetic-less) connection to Apalis TK1 Gigabit Ethernet

I am designing a custom carrier board for the Apalis TK1. I understand that the TK1’s Ethernet controller is an Intel i210-AT. We’re planning on connecting it directly to an Ethernet switch, via PCB traces, over a very short distance (< 10 cm). The switch being considered is a Microsemi VSC7511.

Do you have any information regarding whether this is possible, and if so, the termination network to be used in lieu of magnetics?

We have successfully tested the capacitor coupled connection between the i210 on our module and an Marvell 88E6240 Ethernet switch. We have used 100nF series capacitors as coupling between the module and the switch. Since neither the i210 nor the Marvell switch requires center tap voltage at the Gigabit Ethernet signals, there is no need for extra termination.

Please keep in mind, we have successfully tested it, but we have not done any Ethernet certification tests. I found also a discussion thread in the Intel community platform in which this topic was discussed. Intel seems not highly recommend magnetic-less coupling.

Another Intel discussion about the same.