Splash screen nor boot log changes taking into effect from u-boot or header updates

I had started with a goal to simply remove the textual logging that is displayed on our screen upon start-up.
I have seen multiple posts on this community and on S.O. that state various setenv calls. I was noticing that nothing was working. Each time, I’d start back up and the log was being displayed to my serial console and to my screen that is plugged into the dev board.
Some examples would be
setenv bootargs quiet,
setenv tdxargs 'console=null'
setenv silent 1
However, none of these commands made any difference.
I found commands to place into the board header file and attempted that method:


Again, no changes. These changes were made in the following location:

With me seeing no changes, I decided to focus on a new splash screen, as that hopefully would also help overwrite what we see on start-up. Again, there are multiple posts on here that go into details regarding this.

I was curious about clarification on if the removal of splash screen mentioned here:

and here:

Does this mean the override walkthrough is now nullified?
The article I’m referring to is here:

Following that article, I have not been able to get a custom splash to show up on boot. I can load the image into memory and display it, but not as an automated thing during the bootup process.
Upon boot, I see the Linux penguins and the boot messages scrolling up the screen.

Is the fact that splash is now no longer able to be set why I’m not seeing any changes? Or should I be seeing these changes, but I’m doing something wrong? Is there something else that could be causing my issues with both splash and the logging? I would imagine the serial commands would work by themselves, so I could test that and then work the changes into my next bitbake. Is it possible I’m overriding something in my build?

Please let me know of any follow-up information you may need.

Could you please specify a Toradex version of Yocto Linux you are using?

I do apologize, as I am a bit of an amateur. I would say “thud” since that’s what is listed in all my conf files, but I noticed that the show-recipes command lists the following:

  meta-toradex-nxp     4.14-2.3.x+gitAUTOINC+baa6c24240
  meta-freescale-3rdparty 4.9-1.0.x+gitAUTOINC+07d40f6ffc
  meta-toradex-tegra   3.10.40 (skipped)
  meta-freescale-3rdparty 4.4 (skipped)

It doesn’t look right. Could you build a 5.x BSP as described here

Hello, sorry for the delay.
I have done a new build as directed. I am seeing version conflicts with my custom layer, so I have gone with a very simple build for now, until I slowly add in more functionality into my custom meta-layer.

As for the splash screen, following directions in the u-boot-splash-screen I linked to above, I am still not able to get a splash screen up.
I have set the CONFIG_DM_VIDEO=y flag in the defconfig. I noticed I get an error that bmp is an unkonwn command. Does this mean the video stack is still disabled? Or possibly that my build is a little too bare?

Hi @cnk992

I think you also need to enable the following configs to get the U-Boot splash screen working:


and depending on your video output device you might need:


Note though that the U-Boot splash screen is generally up for a very short time before the kernel takes over and clears the framebuffer so you may have to interrupt the device at the U-Boot prompt to give it time to initialize the display and show the splash screen.