UBoot splash screen logo not showing


I previously was using ‘Embedded Linux BSP 2.8’ and followed instructions and was able to have my Uboot show my logo at power up

I have since had issues with my UBoot so erased the module using the Toradex easy installer

I am now using ‘Embedded Linux BSP 3.0’ and have changed the bitmap and built the UBoot.

When it powers on, it does start and boot up BUT my logo is not shown
(It has built with the bitmap as it did complain when i did the build minus the bmp)

I expect i have deleted an environment variable which has stopped it being displayed

HI @adrian

Thanks for writing to the Toradex Support.

We removed the display support in U-Boot starting from Bsp 3.0.4, thus you won’t see anything on the screen during U-Boot. However you can still set the Linux Splash screen. For further Information, please have a look here.

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That explains it


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