Install gputop on imx8mp verdin

Hi I am working on verdin hardware with imx8mp with Linux version 5.4.161

I tried building gputop but it seems not supported.

How do i get it on the board ?

Kindly guide.


Any update ?

Hi ,
I found that meta-imx is not available for dunfell , I cannot see hardkknot release available ?
In monthly release , i can see krikstone , however I could not see meta-imx there as well.

Kindly guide how i can get gputop running with any of the latest versions.


Hi @kishan

Welcome to toradex community.
I could not find any recipe for gputop, instead, you can try profiling the GPU using the imx-tools recipe(

Please have a look here for more information

Hi @ashok.tx,

Cannot find as well as gpu-viv-tools in krikstone and dunfell for imx8mp.
in layer directory

Also the provided thread talks about imx8mm

Kindly let me know which, where did you find this in the repo ?


Hi @ashok.tx ,

Any update ?

If not can you suggest any command line or another way to check for GPU memory consumption parameters ?

Hi @kishan

Cannot find as well as gpu-viv-tools in krikstone and dunfell for imx8mp.
in layer directory

Add IMAGE_INSTALL_append= " imx-test" in local.conf file and build new can be found inside the /unit_tests/GPU/ directory.Follow this link for gpu profiling steps.

@ashok.tx ,

As per below conditions in i can not see imx8mp H/W ,will this work on this SoC ?

[EDIT] - result

root@verdin-imx8mp-06849350:~#  /unit_tests/GPU/ 

---- Running < > test ---- not supported on current soc

@ashok.tx ,

Can you please help me mark this as priority , important or critical (any of) ?

We have spent 7 days to get just one tool on this hardware , with this speed , it will be very difficult moving further.

Kindly help expedite the process.

Hi @kishan

I quickly tested the custom image by adding imx-test and I could get the GPU profiling information.
Follow the below steps

  1. Add IMAGE_INSTALL_append= " imx-test" in local.conf and build custom multimedia image.
  2. Flash the same and set the galcore driver setting. You can also set the parameter in u-boot.
setenv tdxargs galcore.gpuProfiler=1

You can confirm if it worked using the following command from the shell:

cat /sys/module/galcore/parameters/gpuProfiler

if you get a 1, it worked.
3. Export the following environment variables in the current session.

export VIV_PROFILE=1
export VP_OUTPUT=sample.vpd

4.Finally, you just have to run the application and the driver will create a file called sample.vpd in the running directory.
5.Download the VivanteIDE from here to analyse the GPU information.
Please refer to the i.MX_Graphics_User’s_Guide.pdf chapter 13 for more information.

Hi @kishan

The attached screenshot comes from iMX8M Plus where you can find the CPU Core is Vivante GC7000UL and GPU Utilization is 93%( glmark2-es2-wayland application based on OpenGL).