Yocto QT Cross-Compile QtGStreamer not found


I need to cross-compile OpenCV and Gstreamer with QT.
So far i have created an image and SDK with the articles below.

I can cross-compile from my host computer HelloWorld, i can import OpenCV with python, I can use GStreamer with command line pipes. But i couldnt import GStreamer to QT.

In this post someone had similar problem with me and @caiortp share a recipe but i couldnt add it to my image. I am new with Yocto. Can someone explain how can i add that qtgstreamer recipie to meta-qt5 layer.

Or if there is any other way?

Greetings @Ugur_Ozdemir,

First of all just to clarify, you tagged your question as “Torizon” are you actually using our Torzion distribution? Or are you doing a custom Yocto build based off of our BSP reference images?

Either way gstreamer support should already be included in the meta-qt5 layer as seen here: meta-qt5/qtmultimedia_git.bb at master · meta-qt5/meta-qt5 · GitHub

Also I found this thread on the Qt forums about qt-gstreamer: [SOLVED] Yocto Project: Qt-GStreamer Development Package | Qt Forum

Seems you just need to add the correct PKGCONFIG as seen in the forum post.

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Thanks for your reply.

Sorry for wrong tag. I build with yocto. Not a custom image but i build multimedia-reference image.

In this bb file only gstreamer and its good-bad-base etc libs are included. What i need is QtGStreamer. When i search my yocto build OS there isnt qtgstreamer anywhere.

In second link, he says yocto but his QT build error is on his host pc. He just installed the missing libs and his problem solved. Idk why he used yocto in his topic. I can not use apt install in my yocto build OS.

I will say that this is more of a question for Qt themselves. But I found some information from the gstreamer page here: https://gstreamer.freedesktop.org/bindings/qt.html

It sounds like the QtGstreamer you’re looking for is a rather outdated package. Also the current good plugins from gstreamer now have built in elements for Qt integration. This seems consistent with how I’ve been unable to find any recent information regarding QtGstreamer.

Would this suffice for your needs or do you really require the QtGstreamer despite it being an out of date code-base? If so we’d either need to dig for an old QtGstreamer recipe if it exists, or make a recipe from scratch. Though these may not be guaranteed solutions, if the code-base is as deprecated as this page suggests.

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