Windows CE 7 Image V2.2 vs. V2.3


Lately we discovered a Problem running our software with WinCE 7 Image 2.3.
The main problem seems, that there is sometimes a problem with SPI communication. It occures in >50% of the boots.
The Software is unable to read data from interface, if we send additional data, the program freezes.
To be honest for SPI we still use the legacy library of Toradex.

Were there some changes interfering with one of these subsystems:

  • SPI
  • I2C
  • GPIO
    I took a look at this Link but i could find nothing which may interfere.

After Going Back to V2.2 (See Picture) the Problems almost disappeared (<5%).

Do you have some suggestions except for updating the library?

Best regards, Stefan

Dear @Stefan.P,

Thank you for contacting the Toradex community!

We didn’t do any change intentionally related to SPI in v2.3. But SPI legacy libraries are quite buggy, we implemented quite a lot in the new Toradex ce libraties. Maybe the old library has some issue that comes from some slight changes in something we changed in v2.3

Hence, we would like to ask you below testing to narrow down the issue.

  • Could you enable the debug message and log the debug messages when the issue is occurring and share it with us.

  • Could you write a separate SPI test application for both legacy and new Toradex CE library and let us know the result. Also, if you are able to reproduce the issue with a separate application, please share the application with us. This will help us to look at the issue quickly.

  • If you didn’t find any issue with separate SPI library then maybe issue raised due to a combination of SPI, I2c, Gpio library access. Here, I suggest try to debug with your current application or share with us, let me overlook the application and try to find the issue.
    Also, I suggest you write similar(using SPI, i2c, GPIO) application using Toradex CE libraries and test with that. It is quite easy to write the application, already demo application(…\libdemos) available inside the library release.

  • Maybe, just a try to test this, Disable DVFS and see there any changes?

  • Please share complete software and hardware setup details to reproduce the issue on our side.

Dear @raja.tx,

thank you for your support.
l uploaded the Debug Serial Outputs in the two Files.
NOK = Not Ok Function of the Software.
OK = Ok Function of the Software.

It seems like the created task hangs up and it does not work.
If i kill the remaining Task, and start the application again it also works.

I also tried to add


to the Registry, but i think this made the matter worse - but i can’t prove.

Dear @Stefan.P,

Attached logs are both the same versions of OS image(v 2.2), it didn’t have a v2.3 log file. Also, there are two exceptions occurred, did you notice that already? Is that handled?
Could you share your reproducible application with us? It will help us to look at the issue quickly.