Wifi certification testing for custom hw using Verdin module

We are designing a product around the Verdin module. For WiFi, the hardware engineers need to prepare certification tests (a custom antenna is used, so the reference certification is not valid as far as I know).

The hardware engineers indicated they will low level control and need a way to configure things like:

  • Operate the wifi radio in continous mode
  • Select operating band
  • select channel
  • select data rate
  • select output power
    We are building our own linux image, using Yocto.

What tools are normally used for this type of control for the WiFi module on the Verdin module, and how do we add them, and use them?

On this page, I found that access to a specific layer is needed:

How do I get access to that?

Thanks in advance!

hi @mathijs,

I already sent the necessary files you will need to follow this step described here toradex/meta-toradex-wifi at dunfell-5.x.y (github.com) since we already have an NDA.

Just answering for information to the community readers.

Thank you!