Webcam with camera button from Torizon

I just posted this question as we are not able to detect the camera button event for our USB webcam (video otoscope) on WEC7 on T20.

As we are obviously moving away from the EoL T20 towards the iMX8x, I’m curious to know in advance how we will be able to provide the USB Webcam feature on the new system (we are evaluating Torizon, but the question is valid also for Linux in general).
I have found the Toradex documentation for the Webcam features (video stream and still captures) here, so that seems covered, but PLEASE tell me that there is also a (hopefully seamless to develop) way to receive and handle camera button events as well!
We really want to avoid the same issue we are experiencing on WEC7, where the button is left there for decoration.

Any information or link to documentation we could exploit in the future is welcome.

Thank you

Colibri iMX8 DualX 1GB WB V1.0D
Custom Board
Torizon (TBD)

Hello @EnricoPompeiani,

The use of USB webcams with Torizon is usually quite simple. If the camera is UVC-compatible, which most webcams are, it should work out of the box.

Regarding the use of the built-in button, it will depend on driver support:
If this button behaves as a Human Interface Device (or HID), and is compatible with standard HID drivers, it will likely be straight-forward to use it.
Otherwise, if there is no driver for this input, it may be hard to properly receive the events from the camera button.

Could you send more details about the camera you are using?
The approach to receive the button events will depend on what type of driver is available, if any.

Best Regards,