Detecting camera button events on WEC7 with Stream Driver

This is a question for Toradex, but whoever has any useful information, PLEASE share it.

We are integrating a Video “Otoscope” (which works as a video camera) into our medical devices.
We have installed this Stream Driver and successfully integrated the code from the Stream Driver Demo into our main application, to be able to show the video of the camera on the display of our device, and to capture and save still images from it.

But the camera has a button for capturing images available directly on it, and we are literally DESPERATE to make it work, to the point where we found and looked into the source code of the webcam.dll on CodePlex, linked from your page, trying to understand how to make it work.

My understanding is that the webcam.dll you make available with the CAB installer on your website, originates from that source code, is it?

From what I can see in the code and in one of the archived discussions (ID 16632, Title “Responding to camera button”, 2007), the feature of detecting camera button and issuing the event has never been developed/finished in this dll (in WebCamSDK.h the define WAITCAM_BUTTONPRESS is commented as “not implemented yet”).

Do you by any chance have a more recent version than the one described in the archived source code,?
Otherwise, since you were able to provide a dll for each WEC version, I assume you have a compilable code (all there is in the archive is cpp source and a .vcw file that I’m not able to open with VS2008). Would you be able to share that code, so we could try adding the missing feature (if that is even possible)?
There does not seems to be much options left other than extending the driver and demo code ourselves (or by a 3rd party) to add this feature…

On a different direction, are you aware if this feature is available by using the DirectShow driver instead?
That would include yet another issue by itself, since we have not been able to make this video otoscope we have now to successfully work with the DirectShow, only with the Stream Driver, but we are open to solutions.

Thank you in advance to anyone who will give any kind of useful answer.

Colibri T20 256MB V1.2A
Custom board
WEC7 BSP 2.1