Verdin LVDS instructions no longer work - must use these


Not a question. The instructions/cheat sheet here no longer works.

Found out the hard way flashing my board today.

ssh torizon@

cd /
cd sysroot
cd boot
cd ostree
cd torizon    hit the TAB key here to fill in the name then hit return
cd dtb

sudo nano overlays.txt

Erase what is there. Replace it with the following:

fdt_overlays=touch-atmel-mxt_overlay.dtbo verdin-imx8mp_sn65dsi84-lt170410_overlay.dtbo verdin-imx8mp_sn65dsi84_overlay.dtbo verdin-imx8mp_mezzanine-lvds-single-channel_overlay.dtbo


Apologies for any misleading instructions you may have received. The table on the bottom of this page should be up-to-date for which overlays to use for which Toradex peripheral: Device Tree Overlays on Torizon

Please note the accessory column, as there’s multiple accessories that give LVDS functionality here. The list of overlays you have seems to mix the mezzanine accessory and the DSI to LVDS adapter accessory. But I guess it still works fine enough it seems despite the mix.

Best Regards,