Verdin iMX8mp not working on a custom made carrier board

I have Verdin development baord V1.1B with Verdin iMX8M-plus V1.0 module.
I made a custom made board and want to use the iMX8MP module in my board.

When I use the module with the verdin carrier board it works just fine but as soon as I move the module into my own board, nothing works.

I did a simple test by using the UART_3:
I downloaded the Toradex easy installer in the moudle,

I tried the module in the verdin carrier board and in the power-on, I could see that everything was fine, it passed the boot and I could see all infomraiton about the module.

In order narrow down the issues, I have removed all signals connected to the module in my baord and kept only power (VCC = +5V, GND pins) and UART_3 (pin #145 and #147).
I moved the module to my own board and when I power-on the only thing I see is just random characters in the serial port, Bβ–’β–’β–’β–’β–’β–’β–’

I do not use any of CTRL singals on the module since they are mentioned as Optional in the datasheet. However I have measured the voltages on the modulen when it is connected to my board and they are as the same level as the verdin development carrier baord.

According to the datasheet, the module should go in the running mode as soon as it recieves only VCC. But since I am doing it and it is not working, I am wondering if I need to do something else in order to use the module in my board, in this simple case only debugging through UART_3.

Thanks in advance

I’d suggested to submit your schematic to Toradex for schematic review. It’s a paid service and usually covered by 10 support hours depending on schematic complexity.

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Hi @fatemehamiri !

I was informed that you managed to solve your issue at some level.

Could you share how you did it? Other users could benefit from your solution path :slight_smile:

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