Verdin can the QSPI used as a standard SPI?

I looked in a lot of places, but was not able to find a correct answer. Can the QSPI_1 be used as a standard SPI interface with any SPI sensor or device?
If yes, can I assume the following pin mapping?

  • QSPI_1_MOSI = 56
  • QSPI_1_MISO = 58
  • QSPI_1_CS = 54
  • QSPI_1_CLK = 52

Hi @relaxibus ,

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Unfortunately, the QSPI can in general not be used as a standard SPI interface as of today.

Sorry to not have a better answer for the moment.

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Hi Kevin,

thanks, that helps to go ahead with the carrier board design. Can we use the QSPI_CS2 for the SPI? I understood it is just a standard GPIO.

Hi @relaxibus !

From Verdin iMX8M Plus datasheet on page 20, we can see that the signal name QSPI_1_CS2# (ball name NAND_READY_B) is only a regular GPIO, so if you need to repurpose it as a GPIO, you are good to go.

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Hi @kevin.tx, has there been any change on this in the last year? Is it now possible to use QSPI at all?

Hi @edwaugh !

I have never tried to use QSPI, but seems like it is indeed possible. You can see an example here: Solved: QSPI nor flash in imx8mp-evk.dts - NXP Community

I will double-check internally.

Are you facing any issues?

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hi @henrique.tx ,
I think that link shows how to configure the QSPI (spi-rx-bus-width = <4>;) , not how to re-configure the QSPI controller as standard SPI.

do you reckon that setting spi-rx-bus-width = <1> would be enough? do you have the chance to test internally?


Hi @RoccoBr !

Yes. Indeed. From @edwaugh’s question:

I understood that he wanted to use QSPI in some way, e.g. for mass storage devices.

After checking internally, seems like QSPI (through FlexSPI in Verdin iMX8MP’s case) is indeed limited to dealing with mass storage devices.

For “common” SPI devices, other SPI interfaces (ECSPI in Verdin iMX8MP’s case) should be used.

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Hi @RoccoBr !

Do you have any news about this topic?

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Hi @henrique.tx ,
no, currently we are not pursuing this idea anymore


Hi @RoccoBr !

Thanks for the feedback.

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