Use of EEPROM on Ixora board

Hello everyone,

I am looking into storing some data on the EEPROM of the Ixora board, I came across this thread for the verdin Use of EEPROM on verdin

is it the same for the Apalis IMX8 that the EEPROM is reserved for toradex use?
I will be saving X,Y,Z coordinates in case of system failure/reset.


You can use the EEPROM (AT34C02D-XHM-B 2-Kbit (256 x 8)) for your own needs. However we do not recommend to use the lower half (first 128 byte) if this EEPROM.
The default I2C address is 0xA0. The address can be configured with external pull-up resistors. Floating pins are connected internally to GND. For Write Protect (WP) features, please consider the datasheet and the schematics. The default configuration allows normal write operations.