U-boot splash screen dual LVDS Apalis imx8


we have configured a splash screen for u-boot on Apalis imx8 following the guide (Splash Screen on U-Boot | Toradex Developer Center) but no image is displayed.
Our panel uses dual lvds with DE mode. How can we set mode and timings for our panel in u-boot?

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Hi @floji,

Can you confirm that you use a single panel in dual channel mode?

For more information about display timings, Toradex has an article about it. Feel free to give that one a read.

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Hi @kevin.tx ,

yes, we are using an AUO G215HAN01.2 which uses a dual channel interface.
The panel works well with Linux. We just want to add an splash screen with u-boot.

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Hi @floji !

Isn’t suitable for you the splash method that Kevin shared?

If not, could you explain your use case?

Also, maybe this question might be useful for you:

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Hi @henrique.tx ,

it takes a few seconds till the Linux splash screen is displayed. We would like to avoid the black screen after switching on the device before Linux takes over.

For i.mx8 there is no display_info_t in u-boot’s apalis-imx8.c or can I set the values via u-boot environment?

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Hi @floji ,

Alright, could you then please send a log of u-boot after booting?

So we can have a look at some messages there.

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Hi @ floji
I’m curious about your progress ,
I have a similar ( a bit ) system and a similar problem (colibri imx8x+ lvds)
I have the impression that the information on the toradex site is for old systems
, the descriptions do not work on imx8x (in my opinion)

When I see on TORADEX youtuber channel u-boot logo on colibri IMX8X , I will believe it !
I see some people asking about it, but I don’t see any solutions

Hi @MariusM

no progress so far.
I think u-boot splash screen is not implemented for mx8 at the moment.

@kevin.tx : I have attached the u-boot log.
u-boot.txt (1.9 KB)

Hi @floji

Turns out that U-boot splash screen is not supported for iMX8 based modules.

The Splash Screen on U-Boot | Toradex Developer Center article is not applicable for any iMX8 based modules (we are going to remove them from the “applicable for” at the top).

Regarding boot time optimization, we have these resources:

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