Try-update-template failed with exit code 1 on VS Code Torizon IDE Extension 2.4.1

I created a Torizon Python example with VS Code Torizon IDE Extension 2.2.2.
Thne I upgraded to VS Code Torizon IDE Extension 2.4.1.
I launched try-update-template script and it fails with the following error:

Get-Content: /home/username/testpy/.conf/projectUpdater.ps1:43:17
Line |
  43 |  $templateName = Get-Content $projectFolder/.conf/.template
     |                  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
     | Cannot find path '/home/username/testpy/.conf/.template' because it does not exist.

 *  The terminal process "pwsh '/home/usernameviganoe/testpy/.conf/projectUpdater.ps1', '/home/username/testpy', 'testpy'" terminated with exit code: 1. 
 *  Terminal will be reused by tasks, press any key to close it.

I see that under .conf folder, the file .template is not present.
I see these release notes for 2.4.1 but I don’t understand if I need to do something to recreate the file .conf/.template

Sorry, I’ve just found this.
Following the steps fix the issue.

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