🐞 Hotfix Information - `.conf/.template` not found - VS Code Torizon IDE Extension

We recently released a version that fixes an issue where the .conf/.template file of a project created by the extension was wrongly deleted. The fix, however, only covers projects created with versions v2.4.1 and greater, which means a manual fix is required for existing projects created with versions under v2.4.1.

Already Created Projects Hotfix Instructions

This file is used by the update system to store the folder name of the template that was used to create the project. And it’s created and populated during the project creation only. So, if you get some log like this when trying to update the project:

Get-Content: /home/user/Toradex/IDE_projects/TestMonoProject/.conf/projectUpdater.ps1:69:17
Line |
  69 |  $templateName = Get-Content $projectFolder/.conf/.template
     |                  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
     | Cannot find path '/home/user/Toradex/IDE_projects/TestMonoProject/.conf/.template' because it does not exist.

 *  The terminal process "pwsh '-nop', '/home/user/Toradex/IDE_projects/TestMonoProject/.conf/projectUpdater.ps1', '/home/user/Toradex/IDE_projects/TestMonoProject', 'TestMonoProject', '0'" terminated with exit code: 1. 
 *  Terminal will be reused by tasks, press any key to close it.

It means that you are affected by the issue.

To solve it, create a new .template file inside the .conf/ folder from your project. This is a text file that contains exactly the folder name of the template used to create the project. Follow the table to check the name that you should use:

.template Content Template Used
aspnetBlazor ASP.NET 8 Blazor Application
cConsole C Console Application
cmakeConsole C++ CMake Console Application
cppConsole C++ Makefile Console Application
cppQML C++ Qt 6 QML Application
cppSlint C++ Slint Application
dotnetAvalonia .NET 8 C# Avalonia GTK MVVM
dotnetAvaloniaFrameBuffer .NET 6 C# Avalonia Frame Buffer DRM
dotnetConsole .NET 8 C# Console Application
dotnetSlint .NET Slint Application
dotnetUno .NET 6 C# Uno Platform Skia.GTK
dotnetUno5 .NET 8 C# Uno Platform 5.x Skia.GTK
dotnetUno5FrameBuffer .NET 8 C# Uno Platform 5 Frame Buffer
dotnetUnoFrameBuffer .NET 6 C# Uno Platform Frame Buffer
gambasForms Gambas3 Form Project
genericTemplate Generic Dockerfile Template (Without Language)
javaForms Java Swing JFrame Application
monoCsharpForms Mono 4.7 C# Windows Forms Application
nodeElectron Node.js JavaScript Electron Application
nodeJSTypeScript Node.js TypeScript Application
python3Console Python 3 Console Application
python3Pyside2QML Python 3 Pyside 2(Qt 5) QML Application
rustConsole Rust Console Application
rustSlint Rust Slint Application
tcb TorizonCore Builder Project
zigConsole Zig Console Application

:warning: If you need further assistance to help you fix this issue on your side, please feel free to contact us.

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