TorizonCore failing to start

Hello everyone,

I’ve noticed a strange issue by trying to boot the latest stock version of TorizonCore from Easy Installer. Upon pressing Power button on the board, the module just keeps restarting, i.e. LED18 (RESET OUT#) flashes shorty around 2-3 times a second, with it follows a barely audible clicking sound and no other output is visible. There is no output via serial, and it seems that the module doesn’t even load U-Boot. Is anyone experiencing the same issue?

Did you try to do a recovery procedure, load Easy installer and install an image again?

Greetings @DominykasD,

Unfortunately this seems to be the case of you having an i.MX8X with an older silicon revision. Due to technical changes we could no longer support older silicon revisions of the i.MX8X on our Linux BSP (including Torizon). Going forward the only official support we have that is still compatible with the old silicon i.MX8X will be our 3.0 BSP (non-torizon).

As for un-bricking your module, you’ll need to put your device into recovery mode as described here: Then you can load Easy Installer via USB OTG.

It might be possible to get a working Torizon again, but you’ll need to rebuild the image via yocto. The steps are for the most part the same as here, but you need to specify to use this machine config file:

Again though I must stress that any issues that arise from this use of older silicon will be hard for us to support/debug. Apologies for this inconvenience.

Best Regards,