Torizoncore builder bundle docker images existing on build computer

i am using the torizoncore builder and the yaml file to build my custom image. i would like to bundle some docker containers which dont exist on a public/private docker registry is there a way to bundle them ?

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To clarify are you saying the container images you want to bundle only exist locally on your development machine? (Not in a local container registry as well)

If this is the case. Then no there is not a way to bundle them. Due to the way bundling works the container images you want to bundle need to be in some kind of container registry. Doesn’t matter where, as long as they’re in a registry and can be accessed via network.

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i guess a local registry could be setup and used.
but for doing initial testing it might be nice to have the option of bunding local images. for e.g. using the docker load -i then the tar could be bundled.

This would be possible. But it would require giving the TorizonCore Builder tool access to container images on your system. Then we’d need to filter what images are part of the bundling and which are not. Then to actually do the bundle we’d have to perform operations on the container images on your system. If something unexpected occurs during all this it may affect the container images on your system.

Which is why we enforce container images for bundling to be in some kind of registry. It’s just safer and less intrusive for a variety of user setups.

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what might be enough is to have a way to supply the docker load compatible tar images as folder and then these get included by the builder.
similar to how the bundle argument expects a directory.

In the context of quick tests I’m not sure having to use docker save to create tarballs before each execution of bundle is much better than just performing a docker push to a registry.

Furthermore, it’d be better practice to check your container images into a registry rather than just keeping local copies and tarballs. That way you have an iterative record of your container images, similar to checking code in with git.

I must ask, is there a reason you can’t use a registry? It doesn’t need to even be Dockerhub, you can easily host a small local registry on your development machine.

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