Creating an Easy Installer Image with a docker image tar file (bundle from a tar file)

I am trying to build an Torizoncore image in a CI pipeline on gitlab (in house) and on github (for a client). Our build CI pipeline creates docker image tar file artifacts. Our network configuration and security requirements makes using a container registry difficult. The docker image tar file is created with:

docker buildx build --output=type=docker,dest=${tar_filename} --platform=linux/arm64 --file ${filename} ${build_path}

The tar file that is created can be scp’ed to the apalis imx8, then “docker load -i ${tar_filename}” makes it available for testing.

Is there way to bundle the docker image from the tar file into a Toradex Easy Installer Image? We would like to create a CI pipeline that can create the docker image and then include it into a Toradex Easy Installer image in one pipeline without pushing to a container registry. Are there any gitlab pipeline or github action examples of this?

I found a couple of forum posts which are similar to what I need to do, but are not complete solutions:

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Hi @dawnhowe_alten

Our workflows assume that the images are available in a docker registry somewhere. It does not need to be a public registry; you can host your own with whatever credential management meets your needs.

Details on that approach with our OTA system are here: Using Private Registries With the Torizon Cloud | Toradex Developer Center

Similarly, if you have a private registry you can use that in the docker-compose file and when “torizoncore-builder build” is run, the appropriate registry will be used.

In this case, you need access to the registry from your build system when running torizoncore-builder and from the client when doing an OTA installation. If you want to avoid having the client connect to the registry for updates then your best bet is it investigate our secure offline update feature. Note that this does not remove the requirement of a docker registry available from your development systems.

I realize that’s not a direct match to your request but we don’t have a way to do it out of the box using tar exports of container images. You might be able to cobble something together using the wrapup script or some such from the Easy Installer but we’ve not tried that so I don’t know how complicated that will be.