TorizonCore 6.1 cannot render anymore 3D content on Verdin iMX8M-Mini

Some months ago I opened another topic on 3D rendering capabilities on Verdin iMX8M-Mini.
Toradex updated the TorizonCore recipe and simple 3D content was rendered successfully.

I’ve just updated to TorizonCore 6.1 (torizon-core-docker-verdin-imx8mm-Tezi_6.1.0-devel-20230117+build.150) and I noticed that 3D content cannot be rendered anymore.

Is this an unexpected regression?

Greetings @vix,

I believe I know what’s happening here. Currently we have containers based on Debian bullseye. We plan to release new containers based on Debian bookworm. This is because between TorizonCore 6.X.Y and 5.X.Y the kernel version differs quite a bit along with other things. So I imagine the packages and drivers in the current Debian bullseye containers aren’t entirely compatible with the new system in TorizonCore 6.X.Y.

That said the new Debian bookworm based containers aren’t quite ready yet. The team is currently working on finishing the new containers. Once these are out I suspect the 3D rendering capabilities should work again.

If possible I would ask you to please wait for the new containers as these are the containers that are meant for TorizonCore 6.X.Y.

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Hello @jeremias.tx
can you tell me if latest TorizonCore with Evaluation Containers builds (i.e., either Monthly 6.2.0-devel-202303+build.6.container or Nightly 6.2.0-devel-202303+build.6.container) have all the containers based on Debian bookworm?

Hi @vix ,

Yes they do. Starting from BSP6 all are based on Debian Bookworm.

Have a good day!

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Hi @kevin.tx
I’ve just installed the binaries of Nightly 6.2.0-devel-202303+build.6.container) on my Verdin iMX8M-Mini and connected with ApolloX.
I see that the container images are:

If I’m not wrong, I read that TAG :2 is used by Toradex for Debian bullseye-based conmtainers, and :3 is used for bookworm-based containers.
Is this the case?

Moreover, 7 months ago seems a long time for bookworm-based containers.
Can you double check that the latest TorizonCore binaries are shipped with bookworm-based containers?

All the bookworm containers are still not ready yet as you noticed. In fact we only just bumped the version of the Weston container in the evaluation image to bookworm about 2 days ago. You can see this if you’re using a very recently built nightly image (within the last few days):

torizon@verdin-imx8mm-06827778:~$ docker images
REPOSITORY               TAG       IMAGE ID       CREATED        SIZE
torizon/weston-vivante   3         779d54f7f4d1   2 weeks ago    510MB
portainer/portainer-ce   2.17.1    ada025d39772   2 weeks ago    267MB
torizon/chromium         2         cb7ac4913734   6 months ago   609MB
torizon@verdin-imx8mm-06827778:~$ cat /etc/issue
TorizonCore with PREEMPT_RT 6.2.0-devel-20230315+build.210 \n \l

However we have still not bumped the chromium container to bookworm yet. In fact there is no chromium bookworm container yet as the team still needs to create this.

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Hi @jeremias.tx
thanks to your email I discovered two interesting things:

  1. not all the bookworm-based containers have been already released. I hope for the booworm chromium soon

  2. The page to download binaries has some problmes with the links: today you can see it sould point to build 210, but if you link on the Verdin iMX8M Mini, the link points to build 202.
    This explains why I think I downloaded build 209 (yesterday), but I got the files for build 202 (which has weston-vivante:2).
    Some of the links point to the right build 210, some to 209, some others to 202.
    On the other side, it seems that the links for TorizonCore (without Evaluation Containers) point to build 210 for all the devices.

Can you verify, please?
And can you share a roadmap for the release of chromium:3 container (bookworm-based)?


Not all of our nightly builds succeed. So when we do build 210 for example maybe some devices fail to build or have other issues, in these cases those builds are not published. When that happens the links just point to the latest successful build for those modules.

And can you share a roadmap for the release of chromium:3 container (bookworm-based)?

I do not have any definite roadmap or timeline I can share at the moment. All I can say is that the bookworm chromium container is in progress and is one of the last containers that need to be updated to bookworm.

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Hi @jeremias.tx ,
after a deeper investigation I have some other doubts on what happens to the download links.
As I wrote, yesterday the link for iMX8M-Mini pointed to build 202, and you gave a possible explanation.

But today, the same link points to build 26 of last August.
I cannot see the reason, actually.

Moreover, the link on the left part of the page 6.2.0-devel-20230315+build.210.container opens a page with toradex artifacts, and it seems that the build 210 is there, so it didn’t fail.
Do you mean it has other issues?

That is odd, perhaps there’s something wrong with the automation that is publishing these links to our developer site. Let me check with the responsible team and see if they know what’s going on with this.

Best Regards,

I confirm that there is a mess with the links.
Now the link for iMX8M-Plus points to “File not found”

I informed our team about this and they’re still looking into it.

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Hi @vix !

Could you please check again the download links on your side?

Best regards,

Now they’re ok.
Did you found what happened?

Hi @vix !

I am not part of the team that deals with it.

I just checked and the links worked for me :slight_smile:

Thanks for your confirmation.

Best regards,

Do you have updates on the release of the bookworm containers?

Hi @vix !

Toradex’s main website has a news section: Novidades sobre computação embarcada. Maybe you want to subscribe there :slight_smile:

You can see from this news that Bookworm is (kind of) already available, but the documentation was not yet updated: TorizonCore 6.2.0 Quarterly Release

You can see in Docker Hub, e.g. for the Debian container: Docker

If you really want, you can try it, but I think it makes sense to wait for the documentation to be updated because it is possible that the documentation for Bullseye is not totally compatible with Bookworm.

Best regards,

Thank you @henrique.tx

I see that the news has been published today.
Great news!

In a few days I expect to download TorizonCore with Evaluation Containers binaries where the containers are bookworm-based.
The last Nightly has bullseye-based containers (weston-vivante, chromium, portainer-ce).

The last Nightly has bullseye-based containers (weston-vivante, chromium, portainer-ce).

Just to clarify, the bookworm versions of the Chromium and Cog containers are still not available as stated in the 6.2.0 release news.

Just to clarify, the bookworm versions of the Chromium and Cog containers are still not available as stated in the 6.2.0 release news.

Thank you.
I’ve been confused by this commit that bumped conmtainer tags to bookworm (CT_TAG_CHROMIUM and CT_TAG_COG too).
But I canot easy understand which meta-toradex-torizon commit is used in the several TorizonCore builds (Quarterly, Monthly, Nightly).