Problems with the TorizonCore download links

This issue has been already reported in this topic.
I thought it was solved, but it’s there.
Today (April 20th, 2023), the page to download TlorizonCore with evaluation container Nightly builds is this

and it should point to build 247.
But if you move the mouse on the link for Verdin iMX8M Plus, it points to build 245
But this link doesn’t exist anymore, and if you click on it you get

  "errors" : [ {
    "status" : 404,
    "message" : "File not found."
  } ]

On the artifacts page, I see that build 245 doesn’t exists
and this explains the File not found.
And, under build 247, torizon-core-docker-evaluation is missing. Probably the build was not successfull, or it didn’t pass the tests (this can happen on a nightly).

Long story short:
it seems tha the last successful build with evaluation conmtainer for the Plus is 244.
But the link on the download page points to a not existing 245.

This kind of “link issues” happened frequently on the Nightly.
Is there something wrong in the “link publishing”?

Hi @vix !

I brought this up internally. I will let you know as soon as I have feedback.

Best regards,

Hi @vix ,

Sorry for the lengthy delay here.

I can confirm that this is now implemented and should not happen anymore in the future.

Best Regards