Torizon IDE Installation Wizard for Windows - Early Access Feedback Thread

Dear Everyone,

The Torizon Team is happy to announce the release of an attended Installation Wizard to help easily setup VS Code for Torizon development on Windows.

Learn more about it in the blog post Next, Next, Install: The Easiest Way to Setup Your Windows PC for Embedded Linux and in the short video below:

This tool came to life after observing new customers do the setup manually in training sessions and customer calls. And, to close the feedback cycle and further increase your user experience, we look forward to feedback on the first implementation, available in Early Access.

  • How would you rate the new experience setting up a Windows machine for Torizon development?
  • What needs to be improved?
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:warning: An issue was found with the Docker initialization configuration on the Torizon Development Environment for WSL. Unfortunately, is not possible to update without uninstall the old version and install it again. To uninstall it run the follow command from the VS Code pallet (Windows side):
After run the command, please go through the Torizon IDE Installation Wizard again.

Based on first feedback we added a banner:

This helps to set expectations and remember that this feature is still experimental. And always remember that your feedback is very important to us, so don’t be shy about leaving anything, bad or good, about the feature here.


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