Specify the GPU using ApolloX - create-production-image

I created an ApolloX project based on Electron template for Verdin-iMX8M-Plus.
When I click on
for the first time, I’ve been asked to enter some information:
Some of them are clear, but what should I enter here?

Is there any documentation describing how to fill this fields?
Are they saved into some config file? Maybe .vscode/settings.json?

Hi @vix ,

I’ve contacted the IDE team about it and this field is automatically filled when you set a device as default. Therefore if you do this beforehand this prompt shouldn’t appear.

The team will plan to review the description of all configuration properties so that they become easier to understand.

Once again thanks for the feedback, it really helps us deliver a better product!

Best regards,
Lucas Akira

Even if I have set the device as default, the prompt appears.

What I should enter in the field, if the prompt appears?
something else?


I can add that after having added manually

"torizon_gpu": "-vivante"

to .vscode/settings.json, the prompt doesn’t appear anymore.
But even if in .vscode/tasks.json I see GPU=${config:torizon_gpu} in several places, when I run
I get a message

Rebuilding xxx/projectnamel:tag ...
WARN[0000] The "GPU" variable is not set. Defaulting to a blank string.

Hi @vix ,

Yes, if the SoM in question uses the Vivante GPU drivers, like the Verdin iMX8M Plus you’re using, then the value of torizon_gpu should be "-vivante" as you have added.

Is the warning message causing any issue in particular, or is it more of a concern? I’ll check with the extension team about this.

Best regards,
Lucas Akira

Hello @vix ,

Are there any updates on this topic?

Best regards,

Hello @josep.tx
I was almost ready to test it, but I had to upgrade to Windows 11 and now I’m blocked for this issue https://community.toradex.com/t/giving-internet-connection-to-the-verdin-som-through-ics-under-windows-11/19951 .

I need a workaround for that…