Giving internet connection to the Verdin SoM through ICS under Windows 11

Using WSL2 on my Windows 10 machine, I’m able to enable ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) to give internet connection to a Versin SoM, as suggested by @henrique.tx during a call some months ago.

Now I have a Windows 11 PC, and I installed WSL2.
Enabling ICS seems not working as expected, and pinging the SoM from WSL2 doesn’t work.
Wireshark shows that no ping packet is sent out from the ethernet port to the SoM.

Is there any specific setting for Windows 11?
Does someone have positive experience with this setup?

Hello @vix
I don’t use Windows 11, but as a first step I would follow a tutorial like this one:

and check afterwards if the SoM has internet access.

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Hello @josep.tx
the steps are quite easy, and the SoM has internet connectivity (it can reach websites).
But internet connectivity is given by the physical machine (Windows 11).

The problem is that the SoM cannot be reached from WSL, and so ApolloX cannot work.
Pinging the SoM from Windows 11 works; pinging it from WSL never gives answer.

Hello @vix ,
Just to have the full picture, does the WSL have internet access? Can you ping any website?

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Just to have the full picture, does the WSL have internet access? Can you ping any website?

And WSL can ping a device through an ethernet interface configured with static IP.
But if the interface has an IP assigned by ICS, the device cannot be pinged anymore.

Any news on this topic?
It is very important for us since this problem blocks our development process.


Hi @vix ,

Given that this issue seems to be more related to WSL2/Windows 11 itself, we’re limited on how we can help in this case.

Doing a quick search we’ve found that ICS could be broken as of a recent Windows 10/11 update:

Hope this helps you.

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Lucas Akira

My colleague opened this issue to WSL, but no answer yet.