Show Easy Installer in lvds Mezanine

I am using verdin imx8m-plus SOM.
Verdin Development board v1.1E
I have a Capacitive touch display 10.1" LVDS connected in a Mezzanine adaptative board.

As you can see I decided to use TorizonOS. I could customize my own Torizon image with splash screen and my own qt app running in a docker image.

Now I need to customize Easy Installer to show It in the LVDS. As default Easy installer is configured to use HDMI interface. There is set the video variable in boot-tezi.cmd boot script env set vidargs 'drm.edid_firmware=edid/1280x720.bin video=HDMI-A-1:1280x720-16@60D video=HDMI-A-2:1280x720-16@60D'
Also in overlays.txt is added fdt_overlays=verdin-imx8mp_native-hdmi_overlay.dtbo verdin-imx8mp_lt8912_overlay.dtbo
First I try to load the mezzanine overlays available but I vw had not succesfull.

Can I use the dtbo used in torizon image verdin-imx8mp_mezzanine_panel-cap-touch-10inch-lvds_overlay.dtbo directly in Easy installer image? or how can i do my own dtbo that can use in Easy installer?
Can I set a video variable to use lvds? what is this variable?

Hi @emmaperea , Verdin iMX8M Plus native LVDS from mezanine is not supported by Toradex Easy Installer by default. Additional device tree overlays could be added from overlays.txt. However, weston.ini from Toradex Easy Installer image tezi.itb can not be modified on-the-fly. As you may already find, only HDMI-A-1 and HDMI-A-2 are defined.

/ # cat /etc/xdg/weston/weston.ini 



May I know the reason that you would like to enable LVDS display for Toradex Easy Installer? TorizonOS has a better way to update image e.g. remote update and offline update. Here you will fine more about it.

Hello @benjamin.tx,
Thanks for you reply.

May I know the reason that you would like to enable LVDS display for Toradex Easy Installer?

In the project that I am working one of the requiriments is to use LVDS native as display interface. The reason that I need to change easy installer display is for production programming of the devices not for update system.
In pasts projects with colibri imx6ull and colibri imx7d we did something similar. We made changes in device-tree easy installer to give output video in the display interface that the devices are using, then we run easy installer with a storage device and autoinstall OS image from the local network.
We need to do something similar in the new project for factory reasons, we have the need to flash the devices in the factory in the simplest way. We don’t use HDMI interface in this device.

There is a way to flash OS in the devices and watch the progress?
If in the future we have a problem in the field and for any reason we need to flash the entire system and we cant not watch Easy installer running to check the progress of the image saving is a big problem for us.

Hi @emmaperea , Colibri iMX6ULL, and Colibri iMX7D have only the parallel RGB LCD interface and this one is supported by Toradex Easy Installer. There is an RGB to LVDS bridge on your carrier if an LVDS display is used. In this case, you changed the device tree to bring up the LVDS display and the GUI came still from the RGB LCD interface. Verdin iMX8M Plus has three independent display interfaces, HDMI, LVDS, and DSI. Only the HDMI and DSI ( used by DSI to HDMI adapter) are supported by Toradex Easy Installer.

You can also access Toradex Easy Installer over the network using VNC. The installation progress can be observed on a VNC client.

So there is not altenative to access to Easy Installer via LCD insterface.?

You can use a remote access to the Toradex Easy Installer using VNC. The production programming can be done without GUI access by auto installing image from local media (USB or SD card)

There is no alternative to flash the image in the memory? I mean, there is a documentation that explain the steps to flash bootloader, kernel and file system to the som memory?
What easy installer do in the backgground to deply de image to the som? I am thinking in build a yocto image with LVDS output that can I mount in ram to do some similar to easy installer

Hi @emmaperea !

Please refer to the How to Modify a Toradex Easy Installer Image | Toradex Developer Center article to modify Toradex Easy Installer.

You will see that it is possible to “disassemble” and “reassemble” the image with the device tree [overlays] you need.

Additional remark: overlays are only supported by modules with eMMC storage, which is not a problem to you as your module is a Verdin iMX8MP :slight_smile:

Best regards,

Hello @henrique.tx,
Thank you for response.
Yes, I made some changes in dts of TEZI but @benjamin.tx said that TEZI has a weston.ini configuration file with HDMI configured. Is there any way to change this file? Maybe mounting filesystem and chage that file?

Hi @emmaperea !

You could try to get the ramdisk from Toradex Easy Installer, modify it, and “reassemble” Tezi again. I have never tried it.

Please keep in mind that your custom Tezi image will need to be loaded on your module during production.

Instead of having your LVDS working, you could consider using the autoinstall feature of Toradex Easy Installer, which is capable of performing the unattended installation of an image. More about it on this Production Programming for Linux | Toradex Developer Center article.

Best regards,

Hi @emmaperea !

You are following the right path but with the wrong dtbo. You have a file called “tezi.itb” within the folder of Easy Installer and this file contains all the available overlays that you can use and you can see it all using the command “dumpimage -l tezi.itb”.
As this is a big file I recommend to use the command “grep” to find the specific overlay that you want. For example, using “dumpimage -l tezi.itb | grep mezzanine” within the Easy Installer folder you should see this:

dumpimage -l tezi.itb | grep mezzanine
 Image 16 (fdt-verdin-imx8mp_mezzanine-lvds-dual-channel_overlay.dtbo)
 Image 17 (fdt-verdin-imx8mp_mezzanine-lvds-single-channel_overlay.dtbo)
 Image 18 (fdt-verdin-imx8mp_mezzanine-ov5640-2_overlay.dtbo)
 Image 19 (fdt-verdin-imx8mp_mezzanine-ov5640_overlay.dtbo)
 Image 20 (fdt-verdin-imx8mp_mezzanine-touch-atmel-mxt_overlay.dtbo)
 Configuration 15 (conf-verdin-imx8mp_mezzanine-lvds-dual-channel_overlay.dtbo)
  FDT:          fdt-verdin-imx8mp_mezzanine-lvds-dual-channel_overlay.dtbo
 Configuration 16 (conf-verdin-imx8mp_mezzanine-lvds-single-channel_overlay.dtbo)
  FDT:          fdt-verdin-imx8mp_mezzanine-lvds-single-channel_overlay.dtbo
 Configuration 17 (conf-verdin-imx8mp_mezzanine-ov5640-2_overlay.dtbo)
  FDT:          fdt-verdin-imx8mp_mezzanine-ov5640-2_overlay.dtbo
 Configuration 18 (conf-verdin-imx8mp_mezzanine-ov5640_overlay.dtbo)
  FDT:          fdt-verdin-imx8mp_mezzanine-ov5640_overlay.dtbo
 Configuration 19 (conf-verdin-imx8mp_mezzanine-touch-atmel-mxt_overlay.dtbo)
  FDT:          fdt-verdin-imx8mp_mezzanine-touch-atmel-mxt_overlay.dtbo

These dtbo follows the nomenclature that were used in TorizonCore 5.x.y, so to see the right dtbo that you should write in “overlays.txt”, please refer to this article.

Best regards,

Hello @lucas_az.tx
Yes you are right.
I applied the follwing dtbo files
And Easy installer shows image to LVDS with touchscreen works too.
Thank you very much!