Setting up 10.1 inch touch screen

Hello, Im new to linux to ubuntu and programming in general, and im trying to get the capacitive touch screen working with my apalis imx8 ixora v1.2 by following the tutorials and guides on the toradex web pages. I have installed Torizon on the board with easy installer and now i would like to deploy an overlay onto it so that screen would work. Im at the step of unpacking a TorizonCore Image but i get the following message:

I would greatly appriciate any help, or an easy and thorough guide to make this work.

thank you in advance!

Hello @BoaheneJeffrey ,

you can check my previous question here it could probably help

I also wrote a list of steps to achieve what you want, the following steps are taken from the toradex guides [ Approach 2: Applying Device Tree Overlays to an Image Directly on the Device] Note that this is a different approach from using TorizonCore builder:

  • access the device via terminal

    • Username: torizon
    • pw: [insert pw]
    • board IP address: [insert IP]
    • Board must be connected to internet using ethernet cable / or serially
  • Get the Hash of the current OSTree deployment

apalis-imx8-07107575:~$ cat /proc/cmdline
2pci=nomsi root=LABEL=otaroot rootfstype=ext4 quiet logo.nologo vt.global_cursor_default=0 plymouth.ignore-serial-consoles splash fbcon=map:3 ostree=/ostree/boot.1/torizon/[Hash numberxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]/0

  • see the list of available overlays and make sure the required overlays are available. Note: the hash number is used here ( copy it from the previous line and paste in this command with no brackets)
apalis-imx8-07107575:~$ ls /sysroot/boot/ostree/torizon-[Hash numberxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]/dtb/overlays
apalis-imx8_ar0521_overlay.dtbo          apalis-imx8_mezzanine_ov5640_overlay.dtbo  display-lt161010_overlay.dtbo
apalis-imx8_atmel-mxt_overlay.dtbo       apalis-imx8_ov5640_overlay.dtbo            display-lt170410_overlay.dtbo
apalis-imx8_hdmi_overlay.dtbo            display-dpi-lt170410_overlay.dtbo          display-vga_overlay.dtbo
apalis-imx8_lvds_overlay.dtbo            display-edt5.7_overlay.dtbo                touch-atmel-mxt_overlay.dtbo
apalis-imx8_mezzanine-can_overlay.dtbo   display-edt7_overlay.dtbo
apalis-imx8_mezzanine_lvds_overlay.dtbo  display-fullhd_overlay.dtbo
  • modify the oeverlays.txt file with the required overlays, This file will contain the string fdt_overlays= followed by a space-separated list of overlays.
fdt_overlays=apalis-imx8_lvds_overlay.dtbo apalis-imx8_atmel-mxt_overlay.dtbo display-lt170410_overlay.dtbo

  • After changing the overlays.txt file, reboot the board. To do it, you can use the following command:
sudo reboot

I hope that helps, also please wait for confirmation from the technical support if you want 100% reliable information.

Good luck

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Hello @BoaheneJeffrey
This error can happen when the image you want to unpack is not present in your working directory.
Did you run the torizoncore-builder images download command?

An alternative way is to directly download the image into your working directory, then you can unpack it.

Best regards,

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I managed to go forward a little but now when i try to deploy an overlay it starts out as its supposed to then get this message:

torizoncore-builder dto deploy --remote-host (IP adress) --remote-username torizon --remote-password (password) --remote-port 22 --force --reboot device-trees/overlays/apalis-imx8_resistive-touch_overlay.dts

Hello @BoaheneJeffrey ,
You can refer to this thread for more info about this issue and a possible workaround for it:

It would be better to use the torizoncore-builder build command and then the deploy command.

Best regards.


I managed to generate an image successfully with the build command, added the desired overlays too. Now im trying to unpack it that i can deploy it through ssh or the platform services but it either gives me a “no such file or directory” error

or the one shown on the picture below.

Thanks for your help!

Hi @BoaheneJeffrey, how are you?

Can you show us what is inside the corebuilddir folder? Also, how did you selected the output folder on the tcbuild.yaml file?

Best regards,

Hi @gclaudino.tx, I’ve been through a rough weekend but im fine, thank you for asking!



> input:
>   easy-installer:
>     local: torizon-core-docker-apalis-imx8-Tezi_5.6.0+build.13.tar
> *customization*:
>  *device-tree:
>     include-dirs:
>       - device-trees/include/
>     custom: device-trees/dts-arm64/imx8qm-apalis-v1.1-ixora-v1.2.dts
>     overlays:
>       add:
>         - device-trees/overlays/display-lt170410_overlay.dts
>         - device-trees/overlays/apalis-imx8_lvds_overlay.dts
>         - device-trees/overlays/apalis-imx8_atmel-mxt_overlay.dts
> output:
>   easy-installer:
>     local: corebuilddir/torizon-core-docker-apalis-imx8-Tezi_5.6.0+build.13.CUSTOM
>   bundle:
>     dir: bundle/

I was following an example from the toradex website, only changed the device-tree overlays. I hope you can spot where it all goes wrong.

Best regards,

Hi @BoaheneJeffrey ,

Thanks for sending the information.

Would it be possible for you to attach the tcbuild.yaml file here? I noticed some strange symbols in the file. Namely

I would not expect to see the * anywhere here. That is a bit surprising.

Have a great day.

Best Regards

Hi @kevin.tx !

im quite new to linux also working in a wsl so i dont know how i would be able to put the file here.
I checked and those * symbols are not there in my file.

also i have a problem with deleting files in ubuntu im using rm to delet a custom image that i can make a new one instead, it disapperas from the list but when i try to build a new one it gives me an error that the file does already exist.

This is what i have in my previously made custom image file

A cannot unpack torizon-core-docker-apalis-imx8-Tezi_5.6.0+build.13.CUSTOM.tar hence i cant deploy it.

Dear @BoaheneJeffrey,

Please share the full tcbuild.yaml file with us. You can add any file here on the community or use This will be better for us to check for any mistakes as sometimes the formating gets lost on a simple text.

Also, I’d like to confirm with you how did you get your device-trees. From the following picture, iI’d like to understand why they’re outside the device-trees folder. Did you get them with torizoncore-builder dt checkout? Did you do any modification to these files?

Can you also please tell us why your folder has a different path than what is on the extract of the tcbuild.yaml? Did you remade the file and renamed it or did you do any other thing?

Can you show the error that you get? Also, how are you executing the rm command?

Hi @gclaudino.tx !

Sorry for the late reply. I made a completely new directory and started everything from the ground up and managed to make it work with the custom image that was generated by torizoncore-builder build command.

Thank you for all your help, and if i get stuck again i will be back.

Best regards!

Hi @BoaheneJeffrey !

Glad to hear it’s working now. If you have any problem you can create a new topic on our community :slight_smile:

Best regards,