Revised iMX8 PMIC Design


I’m in the process of migrating a project from the iMX6Q to the iMX8QM, and have made the required changes to my Apalis Evaluation board to accommodate the increased 3V3 peak current demand of the iMX8QM. I note in this question there’s potentially a revised 8A 3V3 design to accommodate the iMX8QM; is this revised design available? Is it using the existing TPS51120 (or perhaps the newer TPS51124)?


Hello Jars,

Yes our IXORA carrier boards V1.2 follows this recommendation.

You can find the schematic and Altium reference design here:

Also, check our general Apalis design guide and layout design guide:

Also be aware that if you want to use a second Ethernet PHY on the IMX8QM the RGMI Interface should be 1.8Volt.

keep in mind that we are also doing carrier design reviews at toradex. You can purchase support hours for that.

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Matthias Gohlke

Thanks @matthias.tx much appreciated.

Hello Jars121,

Feel free to get back for a review.

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