Qt camera example onto apalisTK1 module


I have apalis-tk1 module with ixora-carrier board with tdx-reference-multimedia-image
ps: I have prepared the image and SDK as I mentioned later:

Unable to build the image that contains all qt5 packages with two old commands

I am trying to cross compiling QT applications start with:

  • 1- simple hello word msg examples
  • 2- send/receive udp packets
    compiled and run properly
    3- now trying to use one of the example which supported in Qt creator Welcome tab/examples " declarative-camera" example , it appeared on the screen but with black screen, since i do not know where to connect the camera so far.
    how to know exactly the port of the camera that should be connected to this ixora carrier board to work properly with " declarative-camera" example

my goal is to be able to open video streaming using Qt application on toradex staff( ixora carrier board with apalis tk1 module)

answer :slight_smile: connect the camera-usb connection to ixora carrier board usb-port normal way

Hello @rama.aloufee ,

I am glad you arrived at the solution :+1: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Let you know if there is something we could help you with.

BR, Janani