Project refuses to build from vscode extension - Rsync issue

I am struggling with an error from Rsync:
Error "(544) - Local command [‘wsl.exe’, ‘rsync’, ‘-r’, ‘-z’, ‘-l’, ‘-p’, ‘-g’, ‘-o’, ‘-t’, ‘-v’, ‘–delete’, ‘-e’, “ssh -p 22 -q -i ‘/tmp/tmp.iuVHKsoyVm’ -o ‘StrictHostKeyChecking no’ -o ‘UserKnownHostsFile /dev/null’”, ‘/mnt/c/Users/Nirrin/quickstart/appconfig_0/work/quickstart/’, ‘torizon@hostname:/home/torizon/quickstart/’] returned error 255

I am working on apalis imx8 v1.1 and ixora carrier board v1.2 with vscode and the torizon extension v1.5.1

This error shows up even when trying to run a simple hello-world example code.

I have:
reinstalled wsl, docker desktop, and vscode
Tried using two different boards(imx8,ixora for both)
ssh’d into the board using PuTTY in privileged mode looking for the /apalis/torizon/quickstart/ folder and did not find anything except hidden files in either root or torizon.

Hello @MikeHA!

Could you share a bit more information so we can find a specific solution.

What host OS are you using and version? (windows/linux?)

What OS version are you using on the board? And how did you build it? (Torizoncore Builder?)
Output from uname -a on the target device will give information on OS version.

Could you give us a step by step on what you are doing to produce this error?

Our Quick Guide is a great spot to get up and running.

Also more specific on our Torizon Extension for vscode.


Hi @eric.tx
I am on windows 11 with VSCode version 1.74.3

I am using the torizon evaluation with example containers operating system that comes pre-built.

Linux apalis-imx8-07107340 5.4.193-5.7.0+git.f78299297185 #1-TorizonCore SMP PREEMPT Mon Jul 11 14:42:03 UTC 2022 aarch64 aarch64 aarch64

Also to note this just happened randomly after the board and related software had been working for weeks.

This error is being produced by: connecting my hardware with vscode, starting a new blank python application from the torizon command on the command pallete in vscode, I then run this just as a test in debug mode(F5). This seems to deploy the image however it eventually throws the mentioned error.

Hey @MikeHA,

Sorry for the delayed response. I wasn’t able to reproduce your error. Following the Visual Studio Code Extension for Torizon for windows+torizon extension+python+‘hello-world.’ Seems to work on my end for a fresh start. Is this the process you are following?

important notes:
dotnet installation
WSL2 w/ installed rsync and ssh w/ default wsl selected
disabling buildkit via docker

Are you able able to post the output from the TERMINAL and the OUTPUT panes in vscode?

We’ve had a similar issue that might shed some light towards yours.


Hi @eric.tx

Sorry for the late reply.

I have done all that you suggested except the .Net installation which from my understanding is only needed if you are going to be using .Net applications. I am currently only running python applications.

In regards to the other post it does not seem like I have the file they referenced on my board. When I look at the torizon folder on the board in privileged mode all I get is this:

Here is the output pane from vscode:

Here is the terminal from vscode:

Thanks, Mike


Thanks for the information. I would not expect to see any files on the module under /home/torizon untill there is a successful upload. As it looks like the problem resides in rsync/wsl.

Would you mind verifying rsync installation on wsl?


Hi @eric.tx ,

rsync is installed on wsl2 here is the version:
rsync version 3.2.3 protocol version 31

This is a bit odd. I’m learning towards some connectivity/firewall issues. It seems your system is failing when deploying.

Are you able to access the module via SSH inside Torizon vscode extension?

And can you post a bit more of your output terminal. I want to validate some of the initializations. It should look something simliar to this:


Hi @eric.tx

The issue has been resolved. I was connecting the board to my network via ethernet and internet sharing through my windows computer. It seemed that caused intermittent connection issues between WSL and my board. Connecting via a direct link to our network seemed to fix the issue.

Thanks for all the help! Mike

Glad to see there is a solution!

Please reach out if the issue seems to persist.