Torizon VS Code Extension run debug error 544 and 23 on rsync step

Dear Toradex Developer Community,
in my team we are getting systematically the following error when trying to run in debug mode (F5) a C++ Torizon CMake project, which was created from template in VS Code/Torizon Extension for Colibri iMX8X.

Local command execution failed. :: Error (544) - Local command [‘rsync’, ‘-r’, ‘-z’, ‘-l’, ‘-p’, ‘-g’, ‘-o’, ‘-t’, ‘-v’, ‘–delete’, ‘-e’, “ssh -p 22 -q -i ‘/home/torizon/.moses/devices/06789238/id_rsa’ -o ‘StrictHostKeyChecking no’ -o ‘UserKnownHostsFile /dev/null’”, ‘/workspaces/my_project/appconfig_0/work/my_project/’, ‘torizon@’] returned error 23

The error was observed in the past a few times with other boards, but was not systematical as in this case. We have tried the following actions to unlock but without success:

  • Import again the project in the extension
  • Cancel docker container and image from board and retry
  • Delete and let extension regenerate .devcontainer, .vscode and appconfig_0
  • Remove and reconnect device from the extension in network mode
  • Clean build and rebuild application and SDK container
  • Reboot the board
  • Reload VS Code
  • Updated VS Code version
  • Tried with Torizon extension version both stable and early access
  • Same error on a Linux and a Windows 10 OS, two different PCs, same project

Is it the problem already known? Do you have any solution available or suggestion? I canno find a vs-code tag for the question, sorry but seems only visual-studio tag exists.

Thanks in advance and best regards,


Greetings @ldvp,

I did a quick test and created a fresh C++ CMake project. I was able to successfully debug the default hello-world app with no such issues. As a sanity check could you try this on your side as well?

If a default CMake project works, then this leads me to believe there’s some configuration issue with your specific project that is somehow causing the issue.

Could you also please provide the following information:

  • The version of the Torizon extension you are using
  • The output of the OUTPUT pane in VSCode coming from the Torizon extension
  • The output of the TERMINAL pane in VSCode coming from the Torizon extension
  • The auto-generated config.yaml file for your project so I can see how your project was configured.

Best Regards,

Hi @jeremias.tx, thanks for the test and the answer. I confirm it was working correctly at the beginning for several days, then the issue arose (Torizon extension “Early access” v1.4.252). By accident, today happened the same on an other board, we brainstormed and troubleshooted it.

It seems related to Moses issues about rsync (similar or the same of TE-449 issue), where rsync is not able to delete a folder. In our case the folder was created by app running as root in the docker, probably in our case is due to sync filesystem from different OSs: Windows before and Linux after, where different FS support different permission or other FS features. We solved it deleting the /home/torizon/myproject folder manually as root.


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Interesting, but glad you were able to resolve the issue. TIE-449 was specifically regarding python-based projects but the core issue seems similar. Where a root-owned folder/file is created, then rsync can’t remove it.

Just to understand, was this root-owned folder that was created part of the process of your application? Or was it just an unintended behavior? I’m asking so I can figure out if there’s something for us to address on the IDE side or not.

Best Regards,

Hi @jeremias.tx , I confirm the folder was intentionally created by the application to store its own output. That application was running as root in privileged mode for development purposes (will be torizon later).

Thank you for confirming just wanted to make sure it wasn’t some issue with our extension backend.

I had the same problem today,
username now changed back to torizon

Thanks for this.

But actually, after deleting the directory, and changing username to Torizon,
I still get the error.

I am able to run and debug my code, but it looks like I need to manually delete the folder each time…

In fact, even that is not helping! Okay maybe I should open a new issue, instead of hijaking someone elses…

One final note, after deleting the folder and rebooting, the error went away again…

Hi @leighjboyd !

Good one :laughing:

Also, please don’t forget to mention your Torizon Extension version and the OS of your development machine on your new thread :wink:

Best regards,