Profile GPU for Verdin iMX8M Mini

I would like profiling GPU usage of my Verdin iMX8M-Mini.
I found this topic and I see this post.
It seems that this requires at least BSP 5.10.35 from NXP.
In this topic of September 2021 @henrique.tx said that Toradex didn’t have plans to migrate to Linux Kernel 5.10 (from 5.4).

Is there an upgrade on this roadmap?
Is there another way to profile iMX8M-Mini GPU with actual Toradex Linux/Torizon?


Hi @vix !

You got it right: right now Verdin iMX8M-Mini is not fully supported for GPU profiling (

About using a newer NXP Linux Kernel, the next major BSP release will use a newer kernel version, but we do not have a time schedule for that yet and the kernel version is also to be defined.

Unfortunately, we are tied to the current version of NXP release. So there is not much that can be done.

Best regards,