Newer Linux kernel version (5.10.x) into reference image


Is there any plan to choose newer Linux kernel 5.10.x (Dec-2020) instead of 5.4.x and integrate it on top of Toradex BSP 5.x ?

This new kernel version support some Type-C charger chips and would be nice fit with Toradex HW.

Br Vesa

Hi, @veskola!

Right now we have no plan to migrate to Linux 5.10.x

Why not? NXP BSP already uses 5.10.35

Hi @Fide !

The answer to this question is actually quite complex because it is not a simple matter of bumping a version. Let’s go through some points.

  • Toradex does not simply get NXP’s BSP and redistributes it. A lot of effort takes place over NXP’s BSP to fit it to our several modules (customizations, tests, validations, …), so a delay is expected between NXP’s and Tordex’s releases.
  • Just like Kernel 5.10, the 5.4 is also LTS, so there will be support for it for a long time.
  • At some point, the kernel that features Toradex’s BSP will of course be updated, but, for now, we do not have an estimation for the release.

Please, also take a look at the Toradex Embedded Linux Support Strategy | Toradex Developer Center.

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