Power consumption of Colibri iMX7 Dual

Is power consumption of Colibri iMX7D already known? Datasheet states TBD, but it would be nice to know at least worst case.

Here are the first results of power consumption measurements which we did with our BSP 2.6.1 Beta 1 using Kernel 4.1.15.

Please note, these results are not validated with multiple modules. Since the software was not fully optimized, the consumption in idle and suspend maybe could be further reduced.

Very interesting numbers?
What memory configuration did the board have? 256/512 mB?
Was the Cortex-M4 disabled?

Our Colibri iMX7D has 512MB DDR3 RAM see here. Cortex-M4 was not active.

Are you using some standard test application to generate the loads?

While it is not noted in above table e.g. the one for Apalis TK1 had some more information about this. We are basically using some standard tools like cpuburn-neon, iperf and stress.

By Headless you refer to just console without desktop?

Yes, that’s right. It also doesn’t drive any display signals to also avoid toggling of these signals and avoid having the display controller working.

Can the suspend current be influenced by image type? console vs desktop?

I don’t think it makes any much difference as both are not headless.

Does this include the memory or just the processor?

This is the power consumption of the complete module which includes memory (RAM, Flash), but also other stuff like Ethernet MAC, etc.

What is the kernel version used ?

I added the kernel and BSP version to the main answer above.

Hi @peter.tx , i find suspend current of imx7s is 18mA, but imx7d’ is 2mA, it seems not make sense as imx7s have less cpu core and ram.

This is indeed very remarkable. The results for the dual and the solo should be similar. Unfortunately, I did not do the measurements myself. Therefore, I cannot comment how exactly the suspend mode was measured.

Looking at the numbers, there is a high chance that the 2mA suspend current is actually a typo. Probably there are too many zeros and the actual number is 20mA (0.02A).

Hi @peter.tx

Can you please confirm suspend current for imx7D and imx7S.
Is it 2mA or 20mA for imx7D?

We have measured both modules again. The results for iMX7D and iMX7S have been between 18mA and 20mA. The 2mA are definitely a typo. We apologize for that.

Hi @peter.tx ,

Currently, I’m using iMX7D, 1GB, V1.1A. When I test with some OSes, the power consumption is very high (see picture below)

Please help me explain what happen in here. Compare with your record, the power consumption more than 2.5 times

Thanks so much and regard!

Are you measuring consumption of module only or module + Iris?
How exactly are you doing measurements?