Pin Mapping of Colibri T20 256MB IT SODIMM Connector with Winstar 10 Inch TFT Display

Hello I want to pin map the Winstar 10 Inch TFT Display with T20 256MB IT SODIMM Connector so any help or input for this will be highly appreciated.

Could you share your display datasheet/reference manual?

Please find the attached datasheet for display.

WF101KTYAPLNN0.pdf (378 KB)

WF101KTYAPLNN0.pdf (377.6 KB)

That display has an LVDS interface and can not be connected to Colibri iMX6 without additional circuitry. Please check this thread for details.

what is additional circuit i need to include please suggest for the same.

Hi @rbhargav421

Could you provide the software and hardware details of your setup?

Please refer to below detail Details which I want to interface:
Toradex Iris Rev.2.0 Carrier Module
Winstar WF101LSYAPLNT0#
Colibri T20 256MB

Please check this post.