Colibri does not have direct a LVDS interface

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Colibri does not have direct a LVDS interface and i want to interface WF101KTYAPLNN0# TFT display so any suggestion and help will be highly appreciated.

You can use a parallel to LVDS converter/ Please check our Colibri Carrier Board Design Guide for details. Or you can check the Iris 2.0 schematic( Iris Carrier Board) if you are going to use another LVDS display in a future. The Iris 2.0 has a different and more feature rich converter IC.

Please Suggest any parallel to LVDS converter so i can interface LVDS supported TFT with iris 2.0.

Hi @rbhargav421

Iris 2.0 has an RGB to LVDS converter THC63LVD827.
Could you provide the software and hardware details of your setup?

Hello Find Below Details:
WF101LSYAPLNN0.pdf (370.8 KB) for TFT Display
colibri_arm_som_t20_datasheet.pdf (2.1 MB)

I want to interface these things.

Hi @rbhargav421

Could you provide the OS details also? are you using Linux or WinCE?

Its for WinCE.

The Iris 2.0 board already has a parallel to LVDS converter. So you can use the X7 connector to interface with your display.

How we will Pin Map the X7 Connector of Iris Board with the TFT display 40 Pins.

By matching signal names from Display datasheet and chapter 3.7.4 of LVDS Connector (X7)
Iris datasheet .

Thanks for quick response.
I think Iris Carrier Board Support two LVDS Display at one time through X7 Connector, am I right?
By your suggestion i am able to match all pins except few pins i need your suggestion for the pin 38 and pin 35 of Display where i connect these pins at X7 Connector.

WF101FSYAPLNT0 Display

No , Iris LVDS interface supports only one display, but it supports single and dual Channel LVDS displays. Unfortunately Iris board has no circuitry for VGH and VGL . Possible implementation can be found here.

I need help for the procurement of LVDS Connector (X7) in iris carrier board to LCD FPC Connector 40 Pin.
Your help will be highly appreciated.

Hi @rbhargav421,

If you talking about mating connector for X7 then please check HRS DF13-40DS-1.25C.
You can find same in below datasheet

Let me know if you are looking for something different.
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