No second IP address


I am using Windows CE 7 with T30 Module from Toradex. BSP version 2.3

In registry I have 2 IP addresses, one address per line. But windows CE and ipconfig /all shows me only the first of the IP adresses. The Second one is missing.

Whats the reason for it?


Hi @DS-Bertin ,

I think what you want to do is having different IPs on the same Network adapter. Unfortunately it seems this is not possible via Registry entry anymore since WinCE 7.
But you can call an API to add the second IP. See this post:

Hi @germano.tx ,

thanks für your reply. The AddIPAddress api function is working.

But now I have an other problem: when using 2 IP addresses always the ‘lower’ IP address is used for routing.

‘lower’ means: when I use and, always is used as interface.
With and, always is used as interface.

Active Routes:
Network Destination Netmask Gateway Interface Metric 31 On-link 306 On-link 306

Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:
IPv4 Address … :
Subnet Mask … :
IPv4 Address … :
Subnet Mask … :|
IPv6 Address … : fe80::18fb:6c41:…:…%2
Default Gateway … :
Adapter Name … : AX88…
Description … : AX88…
Adapter Index … : 2
DHCP Enabled… : NO
Primary WinsServer :
Secondary WinsServer:
DNS Servers … :

If interface is not fitting to Gateway/DNS Server I can ping but not ping

The order which is the first IP and whith is the second IP in AddIPAddress makes noch difference.

Is there any possibility to choose which IP address is used for interface?


Hi @DS-Bertin ,

there might be some API to define the exact routing… but i cannot tell you exactly which one, or maybe it’s really not possible.