Multi IP Addresses on One Network Interface (NIC) Under WinCE 2013

Is it possible to have multiple IP addresses on one network interface under WinCE 2013? As it is possible under Windows 7/10.

For older WinCE versions I found the following:
But it doesn’t work with WinCE 2013 beta2 (guess under beta 4 neither)

I cannot add additional network cards.

As far as I can tell, the AddIPAddress api function should still work.
It is something that we have had working in the past, but we’ve used so many modules I can’t remember whether it was this one or a previous one.

@TriUrs: We have not tried that on our side. On CE 6 there was some documentation available describing IP Multihoming. I did not found anything similar for CE 7 or WEC2013, which does not mean it will not work there. For sure, it is not enough to just add the IP address to the registry, as the routing seems not to be automatically updated.

Yes, this function works!
Tried this code:
and now I can add multiple IP addresses to one network interface. They are “lost” after reboot but that’s not a problem.

Set multiple IP addresses (as described in the first post) was removed by Microsoft in WEC7. So it has to be done via AddIPAddress() function.

Thanks for the help.

So to be clear. Did the API work in WEC2013 also or just WEC7??

I tried the API only under WEC2013, and it works.