Missing dimension for custom carrier board


At the moment I’m busy with designing our own carrier board for the Apalis iMX6Q module. I have successfully draw the MXM3 connector in my CAD software (Pulsonix). however I’m now trying to place the standoffs to mount the module to but I think I’m missing one crucial dimension. See picture below: alt text

I have marked my missing dimension in red in the picture. So far I’m aware of is that you can position all the mounting holes on the Y plane (because of the 41 mm dimension with regards to the connector). However the X plane is not entirely fixed because I’m missing that dimension.

Thanks in advance.

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Dear @Remcovh, thank you very much for your interest in our products.

I am sorry this information is not really clear in our documentation. I have created for you a picture showing this dimension measured on our Ixora carrier board layout:

As you can see the horizontal distance between the two holes is 3.5mm.
I would like to mention that you can download for free the Altium projects of our carrier boards here:

These projects can be opened with a free license of Altium viewer which should allow you to use the measurement tool.
I think that it makes sense also to have a look at our carrier board design page:

It contains additional useful information related to carrier board design.
I really hope this helps, please don’t hesitate to use again the Toradex community if you need any further help.