LVDS on Apalis TK1 and IXORA

I am trying to integrate the Toradex LVDS display on an Apalis TK1 and IXORA carrier board using the Apalis TK Mainline release. I am trying to follow : Display Output, Resolution and Timings (Linux).

My problem or lack of understanding is that I cannot find the display dts include file:
“arch/arm/boot/dts/tegra124-platforms/tegra124-apalis-v1.2-displays.dtsi /* for Apalis TK1 V1.2A and later */”

I have successfully built the kernel using the Openembedded source and the toradex bps including the recipes for and

Any suggestions?

Unfortunately, so far there exists no LVDS support for the TK1 SoC in mainline Linux I’m afraid:

May we know what exact display you are targeting as the TK1 SoC’s built in LVDS transceiver also only supports single channel LVDS operation anyway.