Ixora apalis imx8


Did that but system wont boot. I mean boot in uboot on the sdcard
Where the boot files (pre boot, u-boot) are located?
I have erase all emmc

Hi @fdu,

Please provide more details of your environment, as which Apalis iMX8 model and version you are using, and why you need to boot even the bootloader from SD Card.

This article Boot From an SD Card / USB Stick / SATA drive is quite outdated, as its last update was in 2018, but its use case is to boot the Operating System from SD Card / USB / SATA, not the bootloader.

But trying to understand you, I guess you want to boot the whole thing from the SD Card.
What I can tell you is that this will not be possible, our modules are flashed from factory with fuse bits to boot from its internal memory.

If you need to recover your module (as you told that “I have erase all emmc”), you need to follow the Recovery Mode process.

Best regards,
André Curvello