Is Toradex Easy Installer open source?


I wonder that if Toradex Easy Installer published here is opensource.

I want to see the source code of tezictl included in that image. Is it public?

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Hello @Fide ,
No, Toradex Easy Installer is not open source.

What’s your motivation for that request? Are you experiencing any issue using tezictl?

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Hi @josep.tx,

tezictl tool seems capable of controlling Tezi Installer User Interface which would be suitable for remote automation in the production as discussed here.

Since Toradex doesn’t have any documentations about Easy Installer HTTP APIs used by tezictl tool, I thought that by checking the source code of that tool, we may develop our own tool to control the user interface remotely without VNC.


Hi @Fide ,

Did you see this article here already?

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Hi @kevin.tx,

Yes I saw that page before.

My problem seems solved by another thread here

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