Is it possible to install webserver on IMX6?

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After spend few hours on Toradex forum, something is not really clear:
Does the embedded linux can manage “classical” package installation ?
For example, as on raspberry, can I install LAMP (complete web server) on IMX6 with classical “apt-get install” ?

Many thanks for your answers.

Hi Frederic,

Yes, it is possible to install a webserver via the package manager in our evaluation Linux image. Opkg is the package manager used in our image, so to install the Apache HTTP server, enter:

opkg update
opkg install apache2

Alternatively, you could try other webservers such as lighttpd or nginx.

Hey @brandon.tx!

Is it also possible for us to implement a MySQL database on the Apalis iMX6? This would be part of the LAMP stack as well.

Thank you!

Hi @samantha,

These instructions are no longer valid for our new Linux software. Are you familiar with Docker? If so, you may use TorizonCore to try out a mysql container image. You can search for an arm-compatible mysql image at If you have any flexibility to use another solution, e.g. MariaDB, you may find there are more arm-compatible options available, e.g. docker pull linuxserver/mariadb (I haven’t personally tested this container image).

Alternatively, if you prefer using Yocto Project to build a Linux image with your database of choice, then you will want to append the database to the image recipe, e.g. the MariaDB recipe: IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " mariadb"

Hello @brandon.tx!

Thank you for responding so quickly! I have yet to use Docker, so I’m going to try to focus on building a Linux image with the correct database. So far, there seems to be a lack of walkthroughs on how to do this, would you be able to explain to me how the process works? I know that you put IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " mysql5" in the local.conf file, but what else would I need to do?

Hi @samantha,

If it’s not too much trouble could you create a new post/question, as it’s easier for us to track internally.

Also do you know what packages/utilities do you want in this custom Linux image? Is it just mysql? You mention the entire LAMP stack earlier. In short I can’t say for certain what all the steps would be as I’m not familiar with each package. But in short the process will probably be add each package you want to IMAGE_INSTALL_append and then try a build. Either it just works or there are further dependencies/configuration that need to be handled per package. That being said we won’t really know until we just try it.

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Yep @jeremias.tx! Here is the question that I posted: MySQL or MariaDB - Technical Support - Toradex Community

hi @samantha

Thanks, the issue will continued in the new question.

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