Imx8x with VIola Plus not start When I connect 40 pin RGB lcd FROM Ebay


I purchased this product from the link above to use with my Carrier Viola Plus (Mainly, because of the following characteristics: 40pin RGB 18bit)

When the RGB is connected, the green light does not light up and I cannot initialize the im8qxp + Viola Plus Kit


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When facing issues with an iMX8X and Viola Plus not starting after connecting a 40-pin RGB LCD, there are several factors to consider that could be causing this problem. Here are some troubleshooting steps and considerations:

  1. Compatibility Check: Ensure that the display’s electrical characteristics are compatible with the Viola Plus carrier board. The 40-pin RGB interface and 18-bit color depth should be supported, but it’s crucial to verify that the voltage levels and signal timings are within the specifications that the Viola Plus board can handle.

  2. Power Requirements: Check the power consumption of the TFT LCD display and ensure that the Viola Plus board can provide sufficient power for both the display and the iMX8X module. Insufficient power could prevent the system from starting up properly.

  3. Display Configuration: The iMX8X processor requires proper configuration to output the display signal to the RGB interface. This involves setting up the correct display timings, resolution, and interface settings in the device tree or through the U-Boot environment variables. If these settings do not match the specifications of your TFT LCD display, the display might not initialize correctly, and it could prevent the system from booting.

  4. Cable and Connection Check: Verify that the cable used to connect the display to the Viola Plus board is correctly oriented and fully seated. A loose or misaligned connection could cause the display and potentially the entire system not to initialize.

  5. Software Support: Ensure that the version of the software you are using (Linux kernel and boot loader) supports the iMX8X and the Viola Plus carrier board, as well as the RGB display interface. It might be necessary to update to a newer version or to apply patches that add support for your specific display.

  6. Debugging: Connect a serial console to the Viola Plus board to check for any error messages or warnings during boot. The console output can provide valuable insights into what might be going wrong during the initialization process.

  7. Evaluation with Known Good Display: If possible, test the Viola Plus board with a known good display that is confirmed to be compatible. This can help determine if the issue lies with the display itself or with the board/configuration.

If after following these steps the issue persists, it might be necessary to delve deeper into the specific configurations and compatibility details of the iMX8X, Viola Plus, and the TFT LCD display. Ensuring that all components are compatible and correctly configured is key to resolving startup issues

Please, also check if these links can help you solve your problem:

HMI Reference Design | Toradex Developer Center.

To make your display work, you need to:

  1. Connect it correctly from an electronics point of view: Ensure that the pin functionalities on the Viola connector match the pin functionalities on the display cable. You can’t expect that some random display from eBay will have exactly the same pinout as the Viola board requires.
  2. Properly configure the Colibri display interface: Configure the timings, bit depth, etc., to match the display specifications. Unfortunately, the eBay page you referred to does not provide electrical or timing specifications for that display.

    Viola’s display connector pinout.


According to the link above, I now have BSP 5.3.0 on my Imx8x (version 01B) and I have torizon installer installed successfully and I ask:

  1. What are the next steps for me to have my TorizonOS 5.3.0 and/or Yocto with kernel 5.3. 0, whatever) for my kit?

Note. : 1) Even without having RGB in the module/Carrier Board

If you have the Toradex Easy Installer running on your Colibri module, you can download the desired image from here, then unpack it to an SD card or USB drive and flash it using the Toradex Easy Installer GUI via VNC.

Please note that Colibri iMX8X v1.0b is an early access initial version. It is no longer supported, and we strongly encourage you to convert your designs to newer versions. You can see the revision history here.