Imx8 quadmax device tree configuration for lvds 10" display

Could anyone send me the device tree configuration details or source code file in toradex git or share any link for lvds 10" dispLAY setting? for imx8 quadmax ixora v1.2

Hi @Mohar ,

did you check our page about device tree overlays?

Device Tree Overlay 10" LVDS Display

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Yes I have checked this link before but in case of boot2qt os image, there are no overlay files in boot directory in order to configure for lvds output. There are only ixora dtb files as given in attachment. I had converted the dtb files to dts files. So what changes I need to do for lvds output? Any views on this?

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Hi @Mohar ,

you’re right, in boot2qt there is no overlays for the device tree.

Just a short note from my side. Converting the files from dtb to dts is not correct. You would need to provide a dtb (device tree binary) to successfully get it running. The dts (device tree source) is where you would make changes to the device tree.

I recommend looking into this article:

Device Tree Customization

Furthermore, to be sure that there is no issue with the display itself, did you try to flash any other image over the Toradex Easy Installer onto the module? Like a classic Linux distribution to see if the display shows anything?

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Yes I have changed the dtb files to dts files in order to check and test whats going on there. I will convert it back to dtb files while setting up the image. Yes I have tried another image from toradex easy installer which is reference multimedia image. There I was getting some date and time and gray screen and one image icon there but not a proper GUI to test the touch screen. For boot2qt do I need to update the dtb files? What changes I need to do there for 10" lvds output?

Hi Kevin,
I am not getting much information from the link which you shared regarding the device tree setting I need to do in case of lvds output for imx8 module ixora v1.2

Another issue is that whenever I am trying to edit the .dts file and converting to dtb file. I just changed the panel_lvds status from “disabled” to “okay”. After setting up image when I am trying to boot that image file, its creating a kernel panic and its not booting at all after that.

If there are no overlay files in case of boot2qt, then which files we need to change and what needs to be changed in order to get some GUI on 10" touch screen ?

Hi @Mohar ,

we are currently looking into your question.

Yes I have tried another image from toradex easy installer which is reference multimedia image. There I was getting some date and time and gray screen and one image icon there but not a proper GUI to test the touch screen

From what I understand here, you had output on your display, just not yet the GUI from your boot2qt image. The reference multimedia image showed its basic UI. Can you confirm?

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Hi Kevin, Yes I got a basic UI in case of reference multimedia os image but in boot2qt os image, I am not getting any display

Hi @Mohar ,

thank you for confirming. What version of boot2qt do you use?

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Its the latest version from toradex easy installer. 6.1.0

I am getting this boot log while booting the latest boot2qt image

Any update on this please ?

Are the Graphical packages compatible with the imx8 module or do we need evaluation board on this or any issues with ixora board? Are we lacking any board support packages ?or Any changes needed for lvds display in device tree binaries or is it compatible for imx7 module? If you have any build to share to test the GUI for imx8 module ?

Hi @Mohar

I just tested B2QT 5.15.2 from here: Partner Demo Image - Qt for Device Creation and the LVDS touchscreen is displaying correctly the image?

Could you install this and check if it is working for you too?

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Hi I tried this but its not working for me


Was the LVDS screen working before?
Is the backlight turned on?

Could you share the following information in a text file?

  • dmesg.log
  • output of fbset

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I was getting a basic screen on using reference multimedia os image from toradex easy installer.
yes the backlight turned on. The boot log is attached below
boot2qt_bootlog.txt (44.6 KB)

So, the dmesg.log you shared is the version 6.x. Could you share also the content of overlays.txt?

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