iMX8 Console Image without Wayland


I’m trying to build a custom Open Embedded image, based on the iMX8 Console Image. I’ve found that the console image is actually based on Wayland; I will eventually be running an EGLFS-based Qt application, so I don’t want Wayland included in the build.

Can you please clarify the process for removing Wayland as part of the OE-Core build? I note that in the meta-toradex-distro layer, there are wayland and x11 options; can I simply add DISTRO_FEATURES_remove = “x11 wayland” and IMAGE_INSTALL_remove = “eglinfo-x11” to my build/conf/local.conf file and then remove any packages causing issues?

I’ve previously built an image for an Apalis iMX6Q and from my notes I did use the DISTRO_FEATURES_remove and IMAGE_INSTALL_remove local.conf options, but I just wanted to confirm if this is how you’d recommend building a console image without Wayland or X11.


Hi @jars121

Yes it should be enough to add what you wrote. You can also have a look on boot2qt. They also build eglfs:


Thanks for your reply @stefan_e.tx , much appreciated as always.

I’ve made an attempt using the DISTRO_FEATURES_remove and IMAGE_INSTALL_remove approach, and it looks like it’s going to be quite complicated to resolve all the errors. To confirm, do Toradax no longer provide an image without a compositor? I.e. it looks like BSP 3.0 onwards only comes in either X11 or Wayland, even for console-only, non-graphical images?

Thanks @stefan_e.tx I’ve opted for the Boot2Qt approach.