I2S Output Digital Microphone with Apalis i.MX6Q

I would like to use digital mems microphone on my carrier board. In the datasheet, it is stated that digital audio interfaces is used to connect an additional external codec. Can I connect any one of the digital audio I2S interface to I2S Output Digital Microphone without any external codec?
Thanks in advance.

Greetings @ssrkvk!

The I2S interface is used to connect the SGTL5000 codec on the module itself. The I2S pins are also exposed to the edge connector and you certainly can use that to connect your I2S mic and use that as an input, but make sure to check your mic datasheet to ensure it’s really compatible with I2S. If it explicitly says so, you’re good to go.

This will obviously require some device tree work and while we do not have any example besides the SGTL5000 already on our BSP, you should rely on your device’s datasheet and both the module datasheet and the i.MX Reference Manual from NXP.