How to point to iris-v2.dts from the default eval-v3.dts

I wanted a non-default device tree (iris-v2) instead of the default (eval-v3) for my image. I already tried all the steps mentioned in the tutorials and community posts in toradex.

SoC and Board used: colibri imx6ull - Iris carrier board

Here is what I have done:

Step 1: I added the iris-v2 to the build process and was able to generate the .dtb file from the iris-v2.dts file and have in in my final image zip. But, I also have the eval-v3 and wifi-eval-v3 .dtb’s as well in the final image zip.

Step 2: I applied a patch to change fdtfile in the u-boot bootloader to point to the iris-v2 instead of the default eval-v3. I verified it by interrupting the boot and could see fdtfile environment variable pointing to iris-v2. But, when I booted and check the ~proc/device-tree/model, OS is still using the eval-v3 as the device-tree.

I am a beginner to device-tree’s and build processes, so please help me find what I am missing out in these steps.

Please check this answer.