How to disable Command Line output from HDMI display?

Hi Toradex Community,

I have built a Yocto image for an Apalis iMX6 board to launch Qt GUIs.

Currently as it is, the command line output is displayed on the HDMI monitor from bootup and even in userspace. I’d like this output to only show via my UART port. The screen should only be used for displaying my application in this scenario.

The issue is similar to the topic in this post: Disable Linux console output on LVDS display (custom Yocto build) - #5 by DemKev

However, that did not work for me.

How can I disable the CLI to Display monitor this via Yocto build?

Thank you in advance!

I managed to disable command line from the HDMI display by adding the following parameters to UBoot’s arguments:

  • vt.global_cursor_default=0 to remove the cursor from terminal on the screen
  • removed ‘console=tty1’

Both changes were done on the setup variable using setenv command as mentioned here: