How to build optee on ixm8mplus?

I am a newbie studying TrustZone technology. I want to build Optee on the imx8mplus development board. I don’t know how to start. Can you tell me how to build it?

Hi @008kai , greeting.
We never officially support Optee on Verdin iMX8M Plus. However, our customers did some research. You can find it here and here. Yocot build for our module is elaborated here.

thank you very much!

I’m sorry to interrupt you. I didn’t let optee run on the verdin-imx8mp development board based on the two cases you provided above. Can you tell me, should I modify those files, or what materials should I refer to? Running optee on the development board is very important to me, thank you.

Hi @008kai , what specific problem do you meet now? For example, build error in Yocto Project, or optee runtime error on Verdin iMX8MP.

I found the optee recipe file in the ./layers/meta-freescale/recipes-security/optee-imx directory, so I added the meta-freescale layer to bblayers.conf
And added the following content in local.conf:
MAGE_INSTALL_append= “optee-os”
MAGE_INSTALL_append= “optee-client”
MAGE_INSTALL_append= “optee-test”
After compiling by bitbake, install the generated image file to the verdin imx8m plus development board using toradex easy install tool. It was found that opee was not successfully installed. I don’t know what is wrong with this. Please point out my problem.

Please post Yocto build log here.

The error reporting problem mentioned above has been resolved. Now I can integrate optee-client optee-test into the root file system by modifying the local.conf file. The following is what I added to the local.conf file:

IMAGE_INSTALL_append =“optee-os optee-client optee-test”
The reason I did this is that I used the bitbake -s command to find that there is an optee recipe file that can be used:
optee-client :3.7.0.imx-r0
optee-os :3.7.0.imx-r0
optee-test :3.7.0.imx-r0

Below is my boot information and inherited root file system 。