How can I install QNX using microSD

I bought Apalis iMX8QN 4GB + Ixora Carrier board.
I want to install QNX to the Board.
Bun I cannot install.
When I insert microSD card into my board, The board can’t detect files from microSD card.
I used TEZI(Tordex esay intaller).
When I boot up the board, I’ll see the screen below.
It’s the same when you insert microSD.

according guide document, it should appear as below, but even if I insert microSD, the screen as below does not appear.

How do I install QNX on the board.

Hi @hgko, are you extracting the image in the SD card? it should look like this: SD/folder/contents

Just in case, can you share with us where did you get the image? (Download link is OK)

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The SD card has a file as shown below.
I did build this files for QNX.

File link is : 네이버 MYBOX

Pls extract that .zip inside a folder in the SD card. That should be recognized by Toradex Easy Installer